Latest Patriots rumor paints a very bad image of the current atmosphere in Foxboro

New Orleans Saints v New England Patriots
New Orleans Saints v New England Patriots / Winslow Townson/GettyImages

Another day, another rumor. That's the story again for the Patriots, and it's clear there is no end in sight, not even when the 2023 season finally ends.

Amid speculation about Bill Belichick's future and the inevitable decisions needed to be made by Robert Kraft, a new report suggests not all is swell behind closed doors. Not just with Belichick feeling the heat, but the locker room is also starting to fall apart.

According to ESPN's Dan Graziano, things in Foxboro are far more unpleasant than the team has led on. Despite the repeated support from players for Belichick and the more optimistic attitude regarding the remainder of the season, that's not the attitude felt when they're not on the field.

"Make no mistake: It’s ugly there right now. People I’ve spoken to with the organization paint a miserable picture.

The Patriots haven’t just been losing — they have generally been non-competitive on offense. … And before last Thursday’s much-needed win in Pittsburgh, sources in New England were describing the atmosphere as ‘glum’ and ‘depressing.'"

It wouldn't be that surprising to hear there is some truth to this, given how the season has been thus far and all the rumors of what is to come this offseason. That's a lot for a team to handle, on top of the consistent criticism they've received for how poorly they've performed this year.

Yet, at the same time, that feels like as far as this rumor would go. Besides the expected disappointment and frustration that comes with losing and a failed season, the Patriots players haven't given any indication that there is a lot of tension within the team or with the coaches, as most remain optimistic and happy to play.

It could certainly all be a mask as a way to try and convince outsiders that everything is fine despite the apparent problems. But wouldn't there have been more of a hint that that wasn't actually the case?

It seems like that would be tough to hide from the countless reporters around nearly every day, and had they gotten a whiff of even the slightest bit of unhappiness or uncertainty, they surely would've reported it by now.

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