Julian Edelman's most hated teams to play in the postseason will hurt Chiefs fans

AFC Championship - New England Patriots v Kansas City Chiefs
AFC Championship - New England Patriots v Kansas City Chiefs / Peter Aiken/GettyImages

Julian Edelman is among the many former Patriots who have entered into the new chapter of their lives as commentators and analysts for the NFL.

The accomplished receiver, in particular, shares his thoughts on the game a bit more via social media and has recently decided to take a walk down memory lane now that the 2023 season is heading into the AFC and NFC Championship games.

Edelman's most recent post blindly ranked his most hated teams to play in the postseason, and his list was a bit more shocking than anticipated.

  1. Denver Broncos
  2. Baltimore Ravens
  3. Pittsburgh Steelers
  4. Tennessee Titans
  5. Kansas City Chiefs

Some diehard Chiefs fans may not love that Edelman didn't view them as a hated rival, as it somewhat implies they weren't a feared team enough for him to hate them, especially since that infamous overtime win in the AFC Championship was during the Patrick Mahomes era.

However, perhaps he makes a good point when he said they "didn't get them in their heat, their prime," as they have gone on to win two Super Bowls since that legendary game. And maybe it's best he didn't mention Tom Brady beating them not too long after in the Super Bowl in his first season with the Buccaneers.

What's more fascinating is having the Broncos in the number one spot. It's surely a result of Peyton Manning's time on the team, which was always a battle for the Patriots, no matter where the Hall of Famer played.

And, as Edelman said, the Patriots did lose to them twice, one of which was the AFC Championship game leading to Super Bowl 50.

That has a heartbreaking memory attached to it as well, but not as bad as the Titans eliminating New England in what would be Brady's final game with the team. But the idea of the Patriots going to five straight Super Bowls is difficult to forget, and Super Bowl 50 is the only one that stopped them from doing just that.

The Ravens and the Steelers feel correctly placed, as some of the most memorable postseason games during the dynasty years were against Joe Flacco and Ben Roethlisberger, along with their stellar defenses.

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