Julian Edelman is all-in on the Patriots tanking the rest of the 2023 season

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Because the Patriots are in unfamiliar territory through 12 games of the NFL season, many fans have hopped on board the tank bandwagon in hopes of New England landing a higher first-round draft pick next year. That desire prompted their demand to take a loss to the very beatable New York Giants on Sunday, a game with solid ramifications for the first-round draft order in April.

And apparently, fans aren't the only ones interested in seeing more losses this season.

Former Patriot Julian Edelman shared his stance on the matter via his Twitter account before kickoff. He posted a memorable photo of his Bill Belichick's dog Nike from his "war room" during the 2020 draft to declare he's already moved on to the draft.

He went as far as stating that a win in Week 12 was actually a loss, which is true since a win would move the Giants ahead of them in the draft order. But it's quite a stance to take considering Edelman's longtime ties to the team, it's quite a stance to take, yet it signifies where New England is this year.

It has been quite some time since the Patriots had a high first-round pick, with their last selection in the top 10 happening in 2008 when they took Jerod Mayo. It's been even longer since they had a top-5 pick, the preferred scenario for most fans this year, which was in 1993 when they took Drew Bledsoe first overall.

Although they're not entirely out of contention to pick that high in 2024, they're slated to land in the top 5 if they lose out, a solid position to snag a franchise quarterback.

But now that they just lost to the Giants in Week 12 via a missed 35-yard field goal by Chad Ryland, the Patriots are even closer to the coveted top selections, which would be quite a feat for the historically known successful team.

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