Joe Cardona reveals which Patriots Super Bowl was 'the greatest of the modern era'

He had a bunch to choose from, but one stands out above the rest.
Carolina Panthers v New England Patriots
Carolina Panthers v New England Patriots / Maddie Meyer/GettyImages

You know life's pretty good when you can have a five minute discussion on which of your Super Bowl wins is the best. And that's exactly the case for former Patriots long-snapper Joe Cardona, who's spent the last decade in New England, playing for perhaps the biggest special team enthusiast across football.

Cardona's distinguished career started after graduating the Naval Academy, when he was drafted in the 5th round (!) of the 2015 NFL Draft. Since then he's won two Super Bowls, has been named to the Patriots All-Dynasty team, and most recently, won the 2023 Salute To Service Award – an annual award that recognizes "exceptional efforts by members of the NFL family to honor and support the military community."

While doing the rounds at Radio Row on Wednesday, Cardona stopped by FanSided's "Stacking The Box" livestream to chat about his award, the intricacies of long-snapping, and what it was like playing for Bill Belichick. At one point, the guys started talking about all the different Patriots' Super Bowls, and Cardona explained which win, in his opinion, is the best of them all: the 28-3 game.

"Here we are, Super Bowl week, I've got my Super Bowl rings on," he said. "I figured it was a great reminder of a game like that. It was an opportunity where I knew I couldn't go back out on that field. My last snap was with nine and a half minutes left in the game, and there was no way I could go back out on that field for us to have success at the end of it. So I've got to watch Tom Brady orchestrate the greatest comeback of all-time. Maybe it's not talked about, but that was the greatest comeback of all time. That was the greatest Super Bowl of the modern era. I firmly believe it."

Unless you're a Falcons fan, it's probably hard to disagree. It was, by basically every metric, the biggest and most improbable comeback in Super Bowl history and now, with the Brady/Belichick Era over, seems set to be solidified as their pièce de résistance. It's also maybe the most memeable Super Bowl in NFL history? That's how you know it's truly great: not only did the Patriots defy the odds and mount the greatest postseason comeback ever, but in doing so, they created almost a decade's worth of memes. Truly an accomplishment.

You can watch all of Cardona's interview (2:30:00 mark) as well as the rest of Stacking The Box's interviews right here.


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