Jayden Daniels spoke like the next Patriots quarterback with one sentence

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Despite the continuously changing rumors about who the Patriots might or might not draft with the third overall pick, one thing remains clear: nearly every reporter and analyst believes the inevitable selection will be a quarterback. Because of that, who that player might be differs almost every week, mainly between Jayden Daniels and Drake Maye.

The Patriots staff recently attended their Pro Days to get an up-close look at their potential franchise quarterback. They met with both prospects and had lengthy conversations with them, and the players also spoke to the media to end their evaluation day.

Typically, nothing extraordinary would be said during those media availabilities, but this class is unlike any seen in recent years.

Daniels impressed during his Pro Day drills and then earned the approval of most Patriots fans with comments regarding what he intends to bring to whichever team decides to draft him, one of which could be located in Foxboro.

Jayden Daniels looks the part of a future Patriot with his post-Pro Day comments

Although he isn't part of the Patriots roster just yet, Daniels has already formed quite a fanbase among fans eager to see what the dual-threat quarterback could do to transform a stagnant roster. His performance reads similar to that of Lamar Jackson, who many New England fans still pine for six years after Bill Belichick chose to pass on him in the 2018 Draft.

Selecting Daniels feels like redemption for the team that has struggled to find the right guy for the job after Tom Brady, which will be quite a feat for whoever the team decides to draft this year.

This point was raised during a conversation between Daniels and Boston Globe reporter Christopher Price. Price asked Daniels how he would feel about joining a franchise renowned for its success with the greatest quarterback to ever play, and his answer is very telling of the type of player he could be for the team moving forward.

“I played in Death Valley after Joe Burrow. I feel like I’m ready for anything. I’m a game-changer at the quarterback position. That’s what I can bring to that franchise.”

If his impressive college career, solid Pro Day, and demeanor in answering this question didn't completely sell the Patriots' staff on him, it's hard to say what else could. That's the type of confidence the team needs in their next quarterback, especially if they draft him third overall, which would prove they truly believe he could be the face of the franchise.

Daniels would be the proof of a new era in New England and be the spark for what has been a disappointing team in recent years to get the fans excited about Patriots football again. He very well could be their next quarterback, and if he continues to have remarks like this, he's looking more and more like the definition of a future Patriot.

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