Jack Jones harshly bashes Patriots fans in support of Mac Jones

Buffalo Bills v New England Patriots
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It looked like the New England Patriots hit another late-round home run with cornerback Jack Jones in 2022. After being selected in the fourth round of the 2024 NFL Draft, Jones burst onto the scene as an impactful rookie who looked like a foundational piece of Bill Belichick's defense.

Unfortunately, Jones did not have the long tenure full of success in New England that fans were expecting. Jones' 2023 season was delayed due to a hamstring injury. After playing five games, Jones was a benched for the opening drive in Week 9 for violating team policies. His role was reduced even further the following week, resulting in Jones getting waived after Week 10.

The Las Vegas Raiders claimed Jones and he had a moment of triumph with a emphatic pick-six against the LA Chargers that gave his new team 63 points on the night. While this was a triumphant moment for Jones, he has not forgotten about his time in New England (and doesn't have anything good to say).

After Mac Jones said he was more comfortable telling the world he is a rapper now that he is not in New England, Jones took to social media to clarify why that is the case. While most would expect Jones to take a shot at the team or even former head coach Bill Belichick, Jones instead opted to take a shot at Patriots fans.

Jack Jones takes a shot at Patriots fans in support of Mac Jones

It definitely would be understandable for Jack Jones to be upset with the Patriots and his former head coach. After such a great rookie season, Jack Jones likely felt untouchable and that he would be a Patriot for the foreseeable future.

Jack Jones taking a shot at the fanbase was not expected, however. Patriots fans can be rough around the edges, sure, but it is only because excellence is the expectation and there are no excuses for mediocrity. No Patriots fans were ever going to make excuses for Jack Jones violating team policies. That is simply not the New England way.

The fact of the matter is that Jack Jones simply didn't work out in New England and Mac Jones could not handle the pressure of being a franchise quarterback. Sure, the team did not do a great job giving him weapons or a good offensive coaching staff, but that had nothing to do with the fanbase.

Fans just wanted to see the Patriots win. At least both Jones now play for organizations without expectations, and without much recent success.