Isaiah Wynn had a lot to say about his time with the New England Patriots

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One of the least surprising moves of the Patriots' offseason was the departure of former first-round pick Isaiah Wynn.

His start in New England had a questionable start, mainly due to the talent Bill Belichick passed on to draft Wynn. And the end of his career in New England went down a similar path, with Wynn seemingly feeling ready to leave Foxboro for good come free agency.

Hopes were high that he could become worthy of being taken so high in the draft. Unfortunately, however, most of his performances throughout the five years in New England tended to be more of a liability than helpful.

Despite Wynn's inconsistency on the field, Belichick seemingly expressed his confidence in him as he picked up his fifth-year option for the 2022 season. It was a shocking move, considering how poorly he had played and how much he was due from the contract option. But it seemed to be less about Belichick's belief in his abilities and more about maintaining depth on the offensive line.

The 2022 season was a mess for the entire team, especially the offense, and Wynn certainly contributed to that. His presence on the field was rarely felt, and his constant mistakes led to a league-high in penalties and hits to the quarterbacks.

Wynn's struggles became such an issue that Belichick turned to an old friend a few weeks into the season, signing Marcus Cannon to the practice squad and eventually activating him to the game-day roster.

When Wynn began to struggle in a game, Cannon replaced him immediately. This became commonplace throughout the season, even though Cannon's performance became problematic as the year progressed.

It was clear Wynn's future with the Patriots was likely ending, and justly so. So maybe a change of scenery would be best for his career, which led to Belichick passing on re-signing him in free agency.

He remained a free agent until this week when the Miami Dolphins signed him to a one-year, $2.7 million contract over the weekend.

On Tuesday, he spoke to the local media for the first time since joining his new team. He was (of course) immediately asked how he felt about his time spent in New England and surprised most with his shockingly complimentary response.

"Oh, it was good. They’re the team that drafted me. So, I appreciate everybody in that organization from the staff to the players. I thank them. My time was good there, and then it’s going to be fun playing against them because especially seeing them twice a year being on the opposite side; being there previously, you play against guys that may have already been there and now I’m on the other side now.

So, it’s always a fun camaraderie. We’ll see how it all plays out for sure."

Considering how wild things appeared for Wynn at the tail end of his time with the Patriots, his continued gratitude and optimistic viewpoint of his time there is definitely noteworthy.

Whether or not he will make the Dolphins' final roster is yet to be seen, but it will sure be interesting to see him lining up against a stout Patriots' defensive line twice a season if he does.