Former Super Bowl champion takes criticism of Bill Belichick too far

A former Super Bowl champion cornerback had quite a bit to say about Bill Belichick
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Richard Sherman, who cannot stop running his mouth, takes the criticism of New England Patriots' HC Bill Belichick too far. It seems like Richard Sherman, a former Super Bowl champion cornerback, has a problem with just about everyone. This time, his criticism is directed at Bill Belichick, the best coach in the history of the NFL.

Belichick is far from a perfect coach, and we've especially seen that in recent years. He has made some puzzling roster and coaching moves, and as the head coach and general manager, he does have a lot on his plate. Even still, the Patriots come ready to play each week, and even if they have been a .500 team the last few years, the roster has definitely gotten a bit stronger since then.

Honestly, if Belichick had not made the puzzling decision to put Matt Patricia in charge of the offense last year, the Patriots probably win nine or 10 games again and squeak into the playoffs. At the end of the day, and NFL team won't make excuses for their performance, but when is the last time we've seen a defensive coach running the offense?

In some ways, the 2022 season could be seen as a bit of an outlier, and perhaps should not "count" if you will. Well, Richard Sherman had a good bit to say about Bill Belichick, essentially claiming that Belichick is not being held accountable like he should based on some of his recent decisions, one of which being putting Matt Patricia in charge of the offense:

He also touched on Belichick being a .500 coach since Tom Brady left and how Brady immediately won the year after he left the Patriots. Well, Tom Brady is arguably the best athlete ever, so yeah, of course Belichick and the Patriots won't have as much success when he leaves. That would happen 100 times out of 100.

However, what we do still see from the Patriots is a team that is competitive most weeks, is disciplined, and remains strong along the offensive line and defense, which have been two hallmarks of the Patriots since Belichick has been the head coach. Honestly, while Sherman's criticism isn't unfair, there are some flaws in his argument.