Former Patriots star was not interested in joining Jerod Mayo's staff

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When Jerod Mayo was officially announced as the next Patriots head coach, there was a lot of excitement, especially because he was a former player.

He had previously spoken about wanting to recruit others to join his future staff, wherever that may be, so once he was given the opportunity in New England, there was a lot of speculation about who he might bring on to his new staff.

It didn't take long for Mayo to follow through with one suggestion he had made by hiring Dont'a Hightower as the team's inside linebackers coach. There were rumblings of him convincing others to come out of retirement to become coaches, like James White and Matthew Slater, but it didn't work on everybody.

Slater accepted a role as an assistant of sorts, according to reports, but when Mayo reached out to another recently retired Patriot about a job, he was not at all interested.

Former Patriots star was not interested in joining Jerod Mayo's staff

During a recent appearance on "Up & Adams" this week, Devin McCourty spoke about Mayo inquiring to join his staff.

Other than declining his offer, the former safety shared his total lack of interest in becoming a coach at this stage in his life, bringing a bit of sadness throughout Patriots Nation, who would've loved to see an All-Star Patriots cast of coaches on the sideline this season.

Maybe it'll be a possibility in the future?

Although it would've been fun to see McCourty in a new role, Mayo still put together a good staff that should help make a winning team.

The players seem to already be enjoying what's going on under the new regime, so that's a good sign. A good atmosphere can take a team a long way, especially one that dealt with a "toxic" locker room just one year ago.

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