Former Patriots' running back beats legendary comedian in 40-yard dash resulting with someone in a wheelchair

Don't run 40-yard dashes in your 40's especially against former pro athletes!
Divisional Playoffs - Indianapolis Colts v New England Patriots
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Just when you thought you'd seen it all the unexpected happens. Legendary comedian Kevin Hart took to social media to inform everyone of a lesson he has recently learned. What was that lesson? Don't run a 40-yard dash at the age of 44 against a former Patriots running back.

Warning: This video contains expletives.

Former Patriots running back Stevan Ridley is the man who took up Kevin Hart to running a 40-yard dash. Ridley, who played for the Patriots from 2011-2014, was not the one that ended up in a wheel chair. Yes, it was Kevin Hart who is in the wheel chair. Why exactly? Hart tore his lower abdomen and also he tore his hip adductors. These injuries are preventing Kevin Hart from walking right now.

Ridley never did this to anyone on the field. But, it's great to see that a former Patriot still has that kind of speed. For fun too, let's take a quick look back at Ridley's time in New England.

Stevan Ridley was part of the one-two punch the Patriots had in the backfield that also had Shane Vereen. His rookie year was quiet as BenJarvus Green-Ellis took most snaps. However, the following season Ridley would explode.

Ridley's explosion of a second season saw him starting in 12 games, rushing for 1,263 yards with 12 rushing touchdowns. He was a key player in the Patriots AFC Championship run that season. Before leaving New England, Ridley would become a Super Bowl champion in 2014 which ended up being his final season in New England.

So yes, not only did Kevin Hart challenge (and bet) on racing a former NFL running back to a 40-yard dash. He challenged someone who won a Super Bowl and someone who had been to the playoffs multiple times. It's safe to say that Kevin Hart won't be doing this again anytime soon as he has learned his lesson. Get well soon Kevin!