Former Patriots' recent comments interpreted as shots at Mac Jones

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There was a long list of Patriots players heading to free agency this year, but despite the likely chance of many leaving for other teams, many were re-signed for more than one season. Most of those players had become integral parts of the team in recent years, making it even more critical to retain them.

One player who wasn't considered a priority in that regard was tight end Mike Gesicki, who was believed to be an under-the-radar good signing during last year's free agency.

Unfortunately, things didn't pan out that way, most of which could probably be blamed on the collective mess the offense was during the 2023 season. From the lack of productive performances from their quarterbacks and inconsistent protection from the offensive line to injuries and questionable coaching decisions ultimately impacting the offense in its entirety

Because Gesicki didn't impress during his one year in Foxboro, it wasn't surprising to hear him sign with another team. He locked up a one-year contract with the Bengals for the 2024 season, and based on his comments since moving to the AFC North, it appears he's enjoying his time thus far.

Former Patriots' recent comments interpreted as shots at Mac Jones

Most of the tight end's career has been spent catching passes from different quarterbacks every season. That was predominately what he dealt with during the five years spent with the Dolphins until Tua Tagovailoa arrived in 2020.

Then, he worked with Mac Jones with the Patriots last year until he was outright benched for Bailey Zappe. Gesicki will now have the opportunity to play with one of the best quarterbacks in the league today, Joe Burrow.

The former Patriot has had nothing but complimentary things to say about his new teammate, raving about his leadership, sense of humor, and, most importantly, his talent. Gesicki caught the attention of Patriots fans when he slipped in that he has "never been in the huddle with that kind of talent" when discussing Burrow, which many felt was a slight at Mac Jones specifically.

Considering the long list of quarterbacks that Gesicki has worked with, it feels like quite a stretch to assume his comment was a dig at Jones in particular. Burrow is likely the best quarterback he has played with, and it's not wrong to say that if that is how he's already feeling.

It seems like a stretch to connect his statement to his most recent former team just to add more drama or negativity around Jones's tenure with the Patriots.

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