Former Patriots' linebacker is named to team's Hall of Fame

Jan 7, 2023; Jacksonville, Florida, USA;  Tennessee Titans head coach Mike Vrabel looks on against
Jan 7, 2023; Jacksonville, Florida, USA; Tennessee Titans head coach Mike Vrabel looks on against / Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports

On Wednesday, it was announced that former New England Patriots' running back Mike Vrabel would be named to the team's Hall of Fame. Well, this is a nice piece of news to get on a Wednesday evening, isn't it?

Here's what Chairman and CEO Robert Kraft had to say about Vrabel's

""It's my pleasure to announce Mike Vrabel as this year's selection to the Patriots Hall of Fame," said Kraft. "Mike's leadership and versatility were principal to one of the most successful eras in franchise history, propelling the Patriots to three Super Bowl titles in four years and establishing multiple NFL records for consecutive-game win streaks. Many Patriots players have made contributions in all three phases of the game, but none more significantly than Mike. He was an eight-year starter on defense who also regularly contributed on special teams and is the only player in NFL history to score touchdowns on his first 10 career receptions, including touchdowns in back-to-back Super Bowl victories. He was respected for his football intellect and was destined to become a head coach in this league. I look forward to welcoming him back to New England, where his induction will preserve his legacy as one of the greatest players in franchise history.""

Robert Kraft

Vrabel signed with the Patriots following the 2000 season and played with the team for the 2001-2008 seasons, amassing 48.0 sacks and 606 total tackles.

He also added two touchdowns in the 2003 and 2004 Super Bowl seasons. He played in 16 games in every season of his Patriots' career except the 2003 season.

Mike Vrabel truly embodied everything it meant and still means to be a Patriot, and he's also been able to carve out a successful NFL coaching career. He was never a coach with the Patriots, but he did manage to win three Super Bowls and also earned a Pro Bowl and All-Pro nod, both coming in the 2007 season.

He was also named to the New England Patriots All 2000s Team, 50th Anniversary Team, All-Dynasty Team, and most recently into the Patriots' Hall of Fame.

Congratulations, Mike Vrabel!