Former Patriots' legend Julian Edelman reveals all on Kelce brothers' podcast

San Francisco 49ers v New England Patriots
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Former New England Patriots' great Julian Edelman was on the New Heights podcast, presented by Wave Sports + Entertainment and had quite a bit to say about his time in the NFL. Edelman appear on the most recent episode and revealed quite a bit of information that many Patriots' fans should love to hear.

On an excerpt from the episode uploaded to the podcasts' Twitter page, Edelman details how it was being teammates with Randy Moss. The clip is hilarious and can be viewed here:

The Super Bowl Champion wide receiver was also asked a few other questions regarding life in retirement, Rob Gronkowski, and how he earned Tom Brady's trust. His answers are quite deep and very interesting:

""It's a whirlwind. I was talking to Trav before - you know, you miss when you could say 'no' to things because you had a set schedule all the time because you had organized team activities, you had mini camps -- now I have to go to weddings! I have to go to podcasts! But it's awesome, I'm getting a lot more time with my family, with my little girl. I moved back out here [California] to be with her."

“The crazy thing about Gronk is, Gronk is low key like Rain Man. He can throw numbers out there – Gronk knows numbers real well. When the coach would get on him early in his career, he would never make that mistake again. His football knowledge is outrageous. If he sees it once, and he does it, it’s there for good. That’s just how he was. He’s like a savant…”"

Julian Edelman

These first two quotes are about life in retirement and the perhaps surprising football knowledge of Rob Gronkowski. Gronk always projected that meat-head type of personality, but according to Edelman at least, that might not be who Gronk really is.

Here's Edelman's answer when asked about how he earned Tom Brady's trust:

"“It took me years to gain his trust. That was the thing with Brady. When you’re a f— technician who’s been doing it at a high level for such a long time, he already had 11 years in the league when I got there, he had three Super Bowls…. When you’re a guy like that, you don’t want to waste time. Every rep is something to those guys. So they want things done a certain way, right away, the way it needs to be done. And if you don’t, they just – I’m done with that, gimme someone else who knows what they’re doing. You have a built in pressure, like ‘oh sh—, I can’t f— this up as a young player.’ It took me years to get comfortable. It took me reps with him, which I didn’t get a lot with the team.”"

Julian Edelman

It's safe to say that Julian Edelman ended up having a fine career with the Patriots. During his regular-season career with the team, Edelman caught 620 passes for 6,822 yards and 36 touchdowns.

He's also been regarded as one of the best postseason receivers in NFL history, catching 118 passes for 1,442 yards and five touchdowns during that time. The full episode with Edelman and the Kelce brothers can be viewed here.