Former Falcons' RB likes tweet saying Kyle Shanahan purposely lost Super Bowl 51

Is there any possibility in ANY universe that Kyle Shanahan PURPOSELY wanted the Patriots to win the Super Bowl in 2016?

Super Bowl LI - New England Patriots v Atlanta Falcons
Super Bowl LI - New England Patriots v Atlanta Falcons / Focus On Sport/GettyImages

Devonta Freeman, who was a focal point of the 2016 Atlanta Falcons, liked a tweet saying Kyle Shanahan purposely threw the game so he could get Jimmy Garoppolo from the New England Patriots. Well, this would certainly be something now wouldn't it? Freeman, who was at one point one of the best RBs in the NFL, was a crucial part of the Atlanta Falcons' success in 2016 that led them to open up a 28-3 lead in Super Bowl 51.

I think we all know what happened after that. The Falcons totally fell apart on offense and ultimately lost the game in overtime. It was perhaps the greatest single-game comeback in the history of sports, and came at a crucial time for Tom Brady. Jimmy Garoppolo was the backup in 2016 and had to start two games.

He won both, and threw for two touchdowns, no interceptions, and earned a passer rating of 113.3. Jimmy G was pretty efficient during his short time on the field on 2016. Well, this new theory that Devonta Freeman seems to endorse says the following:

Freeman has this tweet liked on X, so that does seem to be him agreeing with the statement that he could eventually land Jimmy Garoppolo. I guess the main premise of this argument is that if the Patriots lost, they'd have moved on from Tom Brady somehow and have let Garoppolo take over?

So the theory seems to be saying that the Patriots' historic comeback allowed Brady to stay and remain as the starter of the New England Patriots, keeping Garoppolo in the background. Well, in 2017, the Patriots traded Garoppolo to the San Francisco 49ers, who were in the first year of the Kyle Shanahan era.

This theory obviously has no legs, as there is likely no one in the know who would ever confirm it, but it is a bit interesting to see a former player endorse it.