Final Patriots 7-Round Mock Draft: Building for the future the right way

2018 NFL Draft
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Final 7-round mock draft before Round 1: Patriots build for the future

Round 4, pick No. 103: Jared Wiley, TE, TCU

One of the more under-discussed positions that needs to be addressed in the draft is tight end. Fortunately, the Patriots were able to lock up Hunter Henry for three more years with a new contract, but other than him, the only other tight ends on the roster are on one-year contracts and more likely to be in-line blockers than pass catchers.

So, that's why selecting Jared Wiley from TCU in the fourth round would be an excellent move.

What stands out most about Wiley is his size, which he uses to his advantage over defenders. His 6'7" frame makes it nearly impossible to snatch the football away from him, especially when he has outstanding physicality to make the task even more difficult.

He won't necessarily be the next star tight end to come out of New England, but he has a solid foundation to continue building upon and develop, which will be even easier with Henry's mentorship.

Round 5, pick No. 137: Luke McCaffrey, WR, Rice

If the Patriots are going to double-dip at any position in this year's draft, it makes the most sense for it to be a receiver. And why not take the brother of one of the best (if not the best) running backs in the league in hopes he possesses the same or even half the talent?

That's why they select Luke McCaffrey out of Rice in the fifth round, adding another slot receiver into the mix for the season ahead.

His size (6'2") makes him an enticing player in the slot, which the Patriots have typically gone with a smaller built receiver. But that's what makes McCaffrey stand out and he uses that size to his advantage over defenders, which he did a lot of during the last two seasons.

On top of it all, his knowledge as a former quarterback benefits his game, giving him an understanding of the offense better than the average receiver. He has the speed needed to break through defenses and isn't scared to do all he can to make a play, even if surrounded by defenders.