Even Donald Trump recognizes how bad the New England Patriots have been

The former President of the United States recently bashed the New England Patriots
Donald Trump Hosts Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots At The White House
Donald Trump Hosts Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots At The White House / Chip Somodevilla/GettyImages

I think you know it's bad when Donald Trump, the former President of the United States, is recognizing that the New England Patriots are struggling. The former President doesn't seem to think much of the Patriots. Trump recently spoke in New Hampshire, so he was in the New England area, which makes this even more tough.

The Patriots have scored just three total points over the last two games and have been blown out during those games, recently getting shutout by the New Orleans Saints. The Pats clearly need to blow this operation up and angle towards a rebuild, and I think this may be hard for Patriots' fans to accept.

Bill Belichick probably needs to step aside as the general manager and head coach of the team. The Pats need some new, modern blood in the organization. The Pats feel like they're playing in 2000 and have not been adapting much to have success in the modern-day NFL. The team is missing a ton of talent, especially on offense, and the quarterback is no good.

Well, Donald Trump, who is again running for President, had this to say on Tuesday:

"“I’d love to be able to say the Patriots. [Bill Belichick] is a great guy, great coach, but they’re having a little hard time. What’s going on with the Patriots? But he’s a great coach. He’ll figure it out somehow.”"

Donald Trump

Who knew that the former President had time to keep up with football! At times, Trump has involved himself with Tom Brady and Robert Kraft, and I'd have to guess that he is probably a Patriots' fan. Trump goes on to say that the Patriots are having a "little hard time" but that Bill Belichick will "figure it out somehow."

I'm sure other people in the fanbase are wanting Belichick to figure it out, but the issue is, I'm not sure he knows how. He's created this mess that the Patriots currently are, so why expect him to be able to clean it up? Even Donald Trump sees the mess that the New England Patriots are.