ESPN's "big prediction" for the Patriots offseason will make fans ecstatic

Indianapolis Colts v Carolina Panthers
Indianapolis Colts v Carolina Panthers / Grant Halverson/GettyImages

Now that the Patriots have begun their unofficial offseason since they, unfortunately, missed the playoffs again, the conversation surrounding the team has shifted to the draft and free agency. It may be a bit early to discuss either event, but it seems appropriate with a high draft pick and a lot of money to spend.

ESPN feels the same way, as they published an article making big predictions for each team as they head into the offseason. Their prediction for the Patriots will certainly please fans hoping for a complete overhaul for the offense in particular.

Regarding the draft, the ESPN staff believes New England will take a quarterback with the third overall pick, which is a big relief considering most have decided that's the only right move to make.

They also predict that because they have over $75 million to spend in free agency, they'll make a big splash by signing a top wide receiver who will be a massive upgrade to their offense.

“The Patriots will draft a young quarterback in the first round and then give him a top target to help him get used to the NFL. With a ton of cap space for 2024, the Patriots will be able to afford an expensive contract and bring in Michael Pittman Jr.”

Among the 2024 free agent receivers list, Pittman Jr. has not been a name connected to the Patriots too much. He's flown under the radar, as most have gravitated toward Mike Evans or Tee Higgins, who are both quality players who would be substantial additions to the team.

However, Pittman has performed well throughout his four seasons with the Colts despite the revolving door of quarterbacks and the constant drama from team owner Jim Irsay. He's recorded two seasons of over 1,000 yards, with 2022 falling just behind the 1k mark (925 yards). Because of his reliability, he will be considered one of the more highly sought-after receivers in free agency this year.

Signing him won't come cheap, but he would be a great pairing with a young quarterback coming out of the draft, whoever that may be. Most have mocked the Patriots to take Jayden Daniels or Drake Maye, who would definitely benefit from having a receiver like Pittman to utilize.

It would be an ideal scenario to address the biggest holes on the team, especially since the offense was neglected until essentially the sixth round last year (technically, OL Jake Andrews was taken in the fourth round.)

Making these moves would ensure they were going in the right direction and prioritizing the weakest part of the team, something fans have been begging for the last few years.

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