Do the Patriots have any trap games on their 2023 schedule?

New York Giants v New England Patriots
New York Giants v New England Patriots / Maddie Meyer/GettyImages
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Potential trap games on the Patriots' 2023 schedule
Week 12: at New York Giants

This is their first game after their bye week in the 2023 season. Bill Belichick always has his teams ready to go after the bye. Between he and Andy Reid, these two coaches might be the best bye week coaches in NFL history.

However, I wouldn't be so sure this would be an easier win. I guess, to be fair, no win is easy in the NFL, but the Giants are a very beatable opponent. I am still very low on Daniel Jones; I think his 2022 season is his absolute ceiling. The Giants were a feel-good story in the 2022 season, but I don't think they'll be any better until they dump Jones for a different QB.

With the roster and coaching advantage, the Patriots should have no issue taking down the Giants, but given how their 2022 season went, this is a team that could take a step forward in 2023 and be a sneakily good team, even though their roster still isn't scaring anyone.

The Daniel Jones/Saquon Barkley/Brian Daboll trio of offensive genius might be enough to mess with the Patriots' defense.

To be honest, those are the only trap games I can see on their schedule. I don't think the Patriots are going to be a good enough team to potentially have more trap games on their schedule.