Do the Patriots have any guaranteed wins on their 2023 schedule?

Indianapolis Colts v New England Patriots
Indianapolis Colts v New England Patriots / Kathryn Riley/GettyImages

The Patriots have one of the NFL's toughest schedules in 2023. Do they have any guaranteed wins on their 2023 slate? Typically, most teams in the NFL will have a couple of games on their schedule that do appear to be "easier" wins.

Obviously, there is truly no such thing as an easy win, as these are still professional athletes and the overcompensation of trap games exist. However, the talent disparaties between certain matchups makes the win much easier than other opponents.

The Patriots are coming off of an 8-9 2022 season in which Mac Jones regressed and the offensive line looked quite lost. Changes have been made at the appropriate positions, but will they be enough to enact solid change for the team?

Moreover, do the Patriots have any opponents on their 2023 schedule that we can already write a "W" next to? Well, I looked at their 2023 schedule, and besides their normal divisional opponents, they also have the misfortune of playing the Eagles, Cowboys, Giants, Chargers, Chiefs, and Broncos.

Three games that stick out to me as potential easier wins would be home games against the Saints and Commanders, and their matchup in Germany against the Colts.

My issue here is that I'm not ready to say that these are going to be the guaranteed wins on the Patriots' 2023 schedule. Even though the Pats appear to have a coaching advantage over the Saints, a coaching and QB advantage over the Commanders, and an everything advantage over the Colts, the Pats have gotten in this habit recently of shooting themselves in the foot.

If these were the pre-2020 Pats, I'd have no issue making a solid argument that they'd win these three games comfortably, but it seems like the allure and edge that the pre-2020 Pats had is long gone.

I could easily see New England dropping all three, but I think at the very least, the games against the Saints, Commanders, and Colts are the three easiest games on their 2023 schedule.

They should be able to win both contests.