DeAndre Hopkins continues to tease Patriots fans with social media posts

Seattle Seahawks v Arizona Cardinals
Seattle Seahawks v Arizona Cardinals / Michael Owens/GettyImages

The latest installment of the "DeAndre Hopkins rattles Patriots fans with his social media activity" saga comes in the form of a post to the receiver's Instagram stories.

Early in the afternoon on Monday, Hopkins posted a short clip of him at the gym, with the television seen in the video showing highlights from the Patriots' win in Super Bowl 51.

It's kind of a whole lot of nothing at this point, especially when considering how many posts he's made hinting at other teams as well. But it could mean something, right?

Now that he's a free agent and in control of where he plays next, the timing of the post is what makes it more intriguing. He's likely just teasing the fans and trying to rile up the media and online speculation, which has been entirely on brand for him in recent months.

But what if it means more?

Could this be a hint to the Patriots that signing in New England isn't off the table? Most feel he wouldn't want to join the team because they're not considered contenders for a Super Bowl at this point, and he'd likely sign with a divisional rival (like the Bills) before coming to Foxboro. But maybe that's not accurate.

Wishful thinking aside, it's more realistic to believe that the television at the gym was already showing the highlights on the NFL Network when Hopkins arrived, making it a complete coincidence that he was there when it was still on. However, why did he film it and post it online?

Whatever it means, or whatever it doesn't mean, apparently doesn't matter to Patriots fans right now because we're all getting excited over every move the receiver makes. Where he will wind up for the 2023 season is a mystery, but let's keep the optimism alive and believe that Belichick will at least speak to Hopkins or his reps to see if there is indeed mutual interest there.