DeAndre Hopkins bluntly refutes rumor about signing with one Patriots' rival

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Los Angeles Rams v Arizona Cardinals / Norm Hall/GettyImages

Rumors and speculation are beginning to run rampant regarding where the highly sought-after DeAndre Hopkins will sign for the upcoming season.

The Patriots and Titans have been the two reported front-running teams, with recent reports indicating the Chiefs are also in the mix.

But the latest from NFL insider Jeff Darlington claims another AFC East team would be open to signing Hopkins, too.

During a recent appearance on The Rich Eisen Show, Darlington revealed that the Buffalo Bills are very interested in bringing in Hopkins. However, there's a catch.

The team is said not to be willing to pay him a big-time contract, which may become problematic if Hopkins is looking for a hefty paycheck.

"My understanding with the Bills is, yeah, they love DeAndre Hopkins, and he'd be a great addition, but they're not gonna pay him. If he wants to ring chase, there's a spot for him."

Darlington's quote began to make the rounds on social media, with several posting an image of it and a photo of Hopkins.

That's where things get interesting.

On the Bleacher Report Gridiron Instagram, where one image of the quote was posted, Hopkins responded bluntly to the rumor in his own way, with emojis.

The significant part about the comment was his choice of emojis, two bulls with two smiling poops, which could be interpreted as the receiver suggesting the rumor is BS.

But what is he referring to as false?

It's difficult to say, but it seems clear that he is not exactly interested in taking his talents to western New York.

Most assume that given the two teams Hopkins has chosen to take visits with, the Patriots and the Titans, he's most likely looking to be paid rather than play for a contender. If that's the case, perhaps that's what he denies about the new rumor.

Or maybe he's clarifying that the Bills have not, in fact, expressed any interest in signing him, which ends the speculation altogether.

Regardless of the intention behind his Instagram comment, it could be good news for the Patriots' pursuit of bringing him in for the 2023 season.

Hopefully, if he doesn't land in New England, we won't see him suited up with the Bills either. A defense needing to stop a combination of Stefon Diggs and Hopkins is not ideal, no matter how good the defense performs.