Darrelle Revis just became a certified Patriots legend for recent Twitter banter

Super Bowl XLIX - New England Patriots v Seattle Seahawks
Super Bowl XLIX - New England Patriots v Seattle Seahawks / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages

In the least shocking news of the week, bitter former Patriots' cornerback Asante Samuel took to Twitter to make some controversial comments in response to a recent ranking of cornerbacks currently in the NFL.

He took issue with where New York Jets' star and Defensive Rookie of the Year Sauce Gardner ranked on the list, who was placed second overall, and suggested that because he plays in New York, the media has inflated his career.

He followed up the initial tweet to talk down about Gardner's rookie season even more, stating Seahawks' Tariq Woolen was better in 2022, claiming people who disagree don't watch games and are influenced by the media.

As a predominately loyal Jet, Darrelle Revis didn't care too much for Samuel's comments and responded a short time later, hitting him with the hard truth right away.

The two continued to trade insults and go back and forth for a few hours, egging each other on as only former NFL players would.

But Revis seemingly ended it with an absolutely, positively straight-through bullseye response that he unfortunately eventually deleted.

The good thing is, this is social media we're talking about. Of course, someone managed to get a screenshot of the tweet before it was removed so it can live on in infamy for Patriots fans forever.


Usually, an insult hurled at a former Patriot wouldn't be celebrated. However, this is Asante Samuel we're talking about here.

This is a player who has consistently bashed New England and Bill Belichick since he left the team in 2008. He continues to express his grievances with his former team to this day, to the point that most New England media don't even bother to cover what he says anymore.

It's gotten tiresome to hear the negative talk about a franchise that Samuel helped win two Super Bowls with, but because he wasn't re-signed after the 2007 season, he's become a bitter man in retirement that can't stop talking about the grudges he continues to hold.

Hopefully, Revis' comments will provide some humility for Samuel, as the now-deleted tweet was quite brutal, to say the least, even for long-time Patriots fans. But it's unlikely to impact Samuel's tweeting habits truly, so this certainly won't be the last we hear of him.