Danny Amendola makes bold statement about Bill Belichick and Tom Brady

Divisional Round - Tennessee Titans v New England Patriots
Divisional Round - Tennessee Titans v New England Patriots / Jim Rogash/GettyImages

Remember when Apple TV teased an upcoming documentary on the Patriots dynasty several months ago? Well, they just released another teaser trailer along with a premiere date for the highly anticipated reflection of the greatest dynasty in the history of football.

We will finally be able to watch what all the fuss is about and relive some of the best moments of our Patriots fandom on February 16.

And although that's fascinating enough, the new clip they released had one moment that has stood out to most people. Other than Bill Belichick and Tom Brady being a part of the project shocking enough, several other former players will also give their takes. In the new trailer, we see Danny Amendola, Deion Branch, and Randy Moss, who can all provide different perspectives about those glorious two decades.

Surely, their commentary will be fascinating, but what Amendola said has gone viral.

"We worked for Bill, but we played for Tom."

It has been widely speculated for years that those who played for the Patriots for most of their career were there because of Tom Brady, as most believed Belichick didn't have the closest relationship with players due to his old-school approach to coaching.

Amendola seemingly confirms that theory with his statement, even if he's the only one who has said it out loud publicly.

At the same time, the former wide receiver is known to have some contentious feelings toward Belichick due to how his time ended in New England. It was reported that the team wanted Amendola to take another pay cut to remain on the team, which he was not interested in doing again, ultimately leading to his signing with the Dolphins in 2018.

Assuming he still harbors some animosity toward his former coach, it's a factor that could be considered when weighing the significance of what he said. It could also be 100% how many players feel, and Amendola is the only one who has vocalized it. We'll probably never really know, but it isn't something we really need to know, either.

There's no need to rehash drama from the past when reminiscing about the dynasty. At this point, we need to just embrace it for what it was, be happy we were able to witness it in real-time, and be thankful to be a Patriots fan.

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