Creating the ultimate New England Patriots team that could win a Super Bowl in 2023

Pittsburgh Steelers v New England Patriots
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Tight ends

Rob Gronkowski, Hunter Henry, Ben Watson

Similar to how easy it was to choose what quarterback to go with, narrowing down the best tight ends was easy.

Rob Gronkowski is clearly the first choice, and if Martellus Bennett were an option, he would be the next one up. But since he is outside the five-year parameters, taking Ben Watson and Hunter Henry seems like the next best decision.

The 2018 season for Gronk was not his best, but what he did throughout his career will land him in the Hall of Fame. During the prime of his career, he was literally unstoppable, dragging defenders down the field as they clung to his legs, hoping to bring him down to the ground and end the play.

When he was healthy, Gronk was an absolute machine. There's a reason he will likely go down as the best tight end of all time. And fortunately for Patriots fans, he was on our team for most of his career.

Putting Watson and Henry behind him creates one of the best tight-end groups that could possibly be put together.

Watson was always a contributor for the Patriots during his original tenure in the early 2000s and even brought the most he could in his final season in 2019. Adding Henry into the mix brings in another guy who is difficult to tackle, with the reliability of not missing games as he hasn't in his first two seasons with the Patriots.


James Develin

Fullbacks are an often forgotten member of any NFL team, but the Patriots went through several years of utilizing them within their offense, most notably James Develin.

Looking back at his statistics during his seven seasons in Foxboro will not likely impress people. Still, it's because fullbacks' contributions are not recorded nor praised, similar to that of a tight end's blocking.

Develin became an integral piece of Brady's offense from 2012 - 2019. Not just for his blocking abilities to help open paths for running backs and receivers but also for his involvement in a game plan. He totaled just 222 yards in those seven years, but some of those plays are unforgettable to Patriots fans even to this day.

On top of it all, because the offensive line has been hard to watch in recent years, it seems like the best choice to have a fullback, just in case.