Creating the ultimate New England Patriots team that could win a Super Bowl in 2023

Pittsburgh Steelers v New England Patriots
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Running backs

Brandon Bolden, Rex Burkhead, Rhamondre Stevenson, James White

Surprisingly, this was a tough one to narrow down.

The Patriots have been oddly fortunate when it comes to productive running backs in the last five years. However, with the quad of versatile Brandon Bolden, Mr. Does It All Rex Burkhead, most likely to break out in 2023 Rhamondre Stevenson, and Super Bowl hero James White, the team would have the most perfect running back room imaginable.

Between them all, Brady would have endless plays to call as they all were heavily involved in the offense as receivers and ball carriers. But at the same time, they bring their unique skillsets to the table that Brady could utilize throughout the season.

Bolden plays into the flexibility that the Patriots are known for wanting in their players. He can be a receiver, running back, or a returner on special teams, making him even more valuable on the roster.

White would provide consistent reliability and become the go-to third-down back.

Stevenson would be the wrecking ball of the group, just running through defenses that wind up chasing him down the field.

And Burkhead would be the one used to do whatever was needed; whether it be catching the football or running it down the field, he was always a consistent performer during his four years in New England.

They would have all their bases covered with the four of them on the team, allowing Bill O'Brien more creativity when game planning for each and every game.