Could the Raiders target Mac Jones if Jimmy Garoppolo doesn't work?

Las Vegas Raiders Introduce Jimmy Garoppolo
Las Vegas Raiders Introduce Jimmy Garoppolo / Ethan Miller/GettyImages

The Raiders can move on from Jimmy Garoppolo if he can't pass a physical due to his foot injury. Could the Raiders then try to target Mac Jones? The Raiders might have themselves in a true pickle here.

The team decided that Derek Carr was the issue during the 2022 season, so they essentially cut him before the season ended, officially released him, and somehow didn't get a draft pick back. Somehow, they weren't able to trade a viable starting NFL quarterback because of their incompetence.

Anyway, the team pivoted to Jimmy Garoppolo in a very unsurprising move. Garoppolo headed to the New England Patriots if the AFC West, but there might be a catch. Apparently, he had surgery on his injured foot back in March and has not passed a physical with the team yet.

Moreover, the contract he signed with the Raiders includes a section on that foot injury. In short, the Las Vegas Raiders can move on from Jimmy Garoppolo at no cost if he cannot pass a physical due to his foot injury.

If this did happen, the Raiders would be left without a viable starting QB. In this scenario, Tom Brady could technically come down from the owner's box if he got NFL approval to put on a uniform as an owner.

Or, perhaps the Raiders decide to look to the trade market or what is left in free agency. Well, we know how well Mac Jones worked with Josh McDaniels; could that be an option? Would the Raiders call the Patriots about Jones? Well, I think the first point would definitely happen. Whether or not the Pats would trade Jones is a different story, but Dave Ziegler would certainly call.

The big issue, obviously, is whether the Pats would move Jones for the right price. We know that there seems to be some bad blood between Mac Jones and Bill Belichick, so would the coach jump on the chance to move Jones?

Well, he could, but then it would be the Patriots with a big QB question mark. They could perhaps sign Garoppolo if they wanted and hope he could pass a physical. This could all turn into one big circle, honestly.

I think Garoppolo does end up passing a physical with the team, so I don't think the Raiders will have anything to worry about, but the thought of it is quite something.