Could Aaron Rodgers' injury pave way for Tom Brady to make a return to the NFL?

Aaron Rodgers seems to be out for the season with a torn Achilles. Is there any scenario where Tom Brady could unretire and suit up for the New York Jets?
Philadelphia Eagles v New England Patriots
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In a hypothetical nightmare scenario for the New England Patriots, could Tom Brady return to the football field and suit up for the New York Jets? Listen, the odds that this happen are slim to none, but the Jets seem to be needing a quarterback now.

It's mostly expected that Aaron Rodgers ruptured his Achilles, which is a season-ending injury. All of a sudden, the Jets' team, which looked like a total juggernaut, are now pretty vulnerable offensively. Zach Wilson appears to be next in line, and that's the problem. Wilson is simply not good. However, the Jets' stingy defense was able to take down Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills on Monday Night Football.

Here's the thing, though: the New York Jets have clearly positioned themselves to go all-in these next couple of years. They gave up a lot of resources to acquire Aaron Rodgers and were very aggressive in free agency. On paper, with Rodgers in the lineup, the Jets might be one of the five most talented rosters in the NFL.

Now with the four-time MVP likely missing the entire season, the Jets are left with no viable QB who can lead this team. I would expect them to perhaps try to swing another trade, maybe even for someone like Kyler Murray, but the most likely scenario is them looking to the free agent market to see what is still out there.

Carson Wentz and Matt Ryan are probably the two best names left on the market at QB, and I think both are better than Zach Wilson at this point. Well, may I propose something that would end up being a nightmare for Patriots' fans? What if Tom Brady got a call from Jets' GM Joe Douglas?

Would Tom Brady actually go through the process of unretiring if it meant he got to latch on with the New York Jets? I mean, the Jets have a stellar defense and some nice weapons on offense, so it's not like Brady will be entering a rough situation.

The New York Jets also somehow have a ton of cap space, and I think they would definitely make another splash move at QB given how aggressive they've been thus far. Tom Brady has insisted that he is staying retired, and he has undergone a lot of post-playing adventures, including becoming a minority owner in the Las Vegas Raiders.

It would be a totally devastating scenario for Tom Brady to unretire and play for the Jets, but it's not impossible.