Commanders may gift Patriots dream QB scenario with controversial pick

2018 NFL Draft
2018 NFL Draft / Tom Pennington/GettyImages

The rankings of the incoming rookie quarterback class have fluctuated a lot over the last several weeks, with Jayden Daniels and Drake Maye trading the No. 2 spot continuously. More recently, Michigan's J.J. McCarthy has been added to the mix, rising from a projected day-two prospect to a quarterback likely taken in the top 10.

Because of the quarterback carousel, who the Patriots are favored to select continues to change, along with the possibility that they will ultimately trade out of the third pick with another quarterback-needy team.

Jerod Mayo spoke openly at the Annual League Meeting about the chances of either scenario being the route the team will take while emphasizing the need to love the quarterback that inevitably falls to them. The recent consensus believes that will be Maye, whom the Patriots are rumored not to love as much as other prospects.

However, the latest rumor suggests that New England might find itself in a much more favorable situation on day one of draft night.

During an update from the league meeting on Monday, NFL insider Tom Pelissero shared the latest he's heard regarding the Commanders' interests in a quarterback. Because they pick one spot ahead of the Patriots, whoever they choose directly impacts the options they will have.

Because Maye has become the favorite for the Patriots in recent weeks, the assumption has been that Daniels will be a future Commander. But according to Pelissero, McCarthy has swooped in and taken the lead in Washington.

“When I’ve had conversations here, with executives from other teams, who know Adam Peters well, know the situation well, the most popular answer for what they do at No. 2 is J.J. McCarthy. So a lot of drama still to come, pending what happens with the No. 2 pick, or wherever Washington ends up picking, whoever ends up picking at No. 2.”

There are at least two ways to interpret what this could potentially mean.

The first is that it could be good news for the Patriots, who could be given the difficult decision of drafting Daniels or Maye rather than just one or the other. They're very different players and are both highly touted, so it would really come down to the team's preference and vision for the team's future.

The other reaction would be that this tidbit from Pelissero is all just smoke from the Commanders in an attempt to boost McCarthy and have teams on his tail and off the quarterback Dan Quinn and Co. really want.

Given they are the real dictators of the draft, since the Bears are expected to draft Caleb Williams first overall, Washington will do whatever it takes to cover their tracks and manipulate the conversation surrounding the quarterbacks.

The preferred scenario for the Patriots would be to have more of an actual choice of quarterbacks rather than feeling stuck with one they don't like, seemingly reminiscent of the rumor surrounding Mac Jones's selection in 2021.

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