Colin Cowherd proves to be out of touch with latest Patriots and Belichick comments

Colin Cowherd speaking into a microphone
Colin Cowherd speaking into a microphone / Amy E. Price/GettyImages

Recently on his Fox Sports show, The Herd, sports personality Colin Cowherd had this to say about New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick.

"Maybe we should take a step back and go, ‘What really is he without Tom Brady?"

Cowherd went on to say, "And it’s funny, I don’t think most people really talk about it.”

His comments are not only misleading but show how out of touch he is with the current NFL fan base.

Football fans Outside the Northeast look for any reason to question Bill Belichick, his methods, and the Patriots altogether. One of, if not the top criticism the head coach and general manager receives is that all of his success is due to Tom Brady.

When Cowherd says "Nobody really talks about it," what he actually means is that nobody in New England really talks about it.

For the other 31 teams, fans across the country do nothing except talk about it. His ignorance, whether genuine or fake, should not come as a surprise to anybody. 

Cowherd has just about perfected the art of hot takes and clickbait; he will do or say anything to get people to pay attention to him. Obviously, I have taken notice, but only to shed light on the truth.

It is true that of Bill Belichick's 298 career victories, only 78 came without Tom Brady.

This would mean that 74% of Bill's wins came working hand in hand with the greatest quarterback of all time. To leave it at that would be misleading, and for anyone who refers to themselves as a sports journalist, it's irresponsible.

The truth that everyone needs to hear, but nobody wants to, is that great coaches have great quarterbacks. It's a symbiotic relationship, and to criticize Belichick for living that reality is to criticize every NFL head coach who has had success.

Don Shula has 347 career wins, but without Johnny Unitas, Bob Greise, or Dan Marino, his win total is just 37.

Chuck Noll racked up 61 wins in the years he didn't have Terry Bradshaw, Bill Walsh managed just six wins without Joe Montana, and Vince Lombardi only won just seven games without Bart Starr.

It's safe to say that when it comes to head coaches without Hall of Fame quarterbacks, 79 wins is pretty darn good. Unless your team's head coach has 80 or more wins without a star quarterback, I'd recommend not throwing those stones.

As for Cowherd, I hope he gets a chance to actually talk to a fan or two before reporting on what they are or aren't saying. He may find the sound of his own voice euphoric, but it's not very informative.