Christian Barmore leaves Patriots fans hanging with cryptic social media post

New England Patriots v Denver Broncos
New England Patriots v Denver Broncos / Dustin Bradford/GettyImages

In addition to the many Patriots players who will have fans watching closely as soon as free agency begins in March, a few players are in line for an extension, many of whom deserve them as quickly as possible. One of the names at the top of the list is Christian Barmore, who has become an absolute monster on the field and should not ever be allowed to leave Foxboro.

Since being drafted in 2021, he has risen in the ranks and improved every year, which was even more significant during the 2023 season, with Matthew Judon out for the year after Week 4. The absence of the four-time Pro Bowler was a massive blow to an impressive defense and needed others to step up to fill the void.

Fortunately for the Patriots, Barmore did just that and became opposing quarterback's worst nightmare in the latter half of the season.

Because he's now considered a pillar of the defense, the idea of not locking him up long-term seems foolish to most, especially considering he's done everything right to this point in his career. And now that we're in the boring part of the offseason, Barmore decided to tease fans with a cryptic tweet on Thursday, seemingly hinting at some news but leaving it at just a couple of eyeball emojis.

The tweet naturally garnered a lot of attention, with many speculating on what it could mean.

Given the endless amount of news that has been reported surrounding the Patriots over the last several weeks, the immediate conclusion was Barmore was hinting at a potential coordinator hire, specifically that of DeMarcus Covington, the team's current defensive line coach and favorite to land the defensive coordinator position for next year.

While that could certainly be what his tweet was about, there's also the chance that he was hinting at something more personal, like receiving an extension. Upon first thought, it seems like something that cannot happen at this point in the offseason, but because he is of the 2021 draft class, he is eligible to be extended right now without needing to wait until free agency.

That would be fantastic news if that's the case, but either situation would be a move in the right direction for the Patriots. Hopefully, we won't have to wait long to hear what it is, or speculation may get out of control.

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