BREAKING: QB Tom Brady could become minority owner of AFC rival team

New England Patriots v Oakland Raiders
New England Patriots v Oakland Raiders / Jamie Schwaberow/GettyImages

ESPN's Adam Schefter reported on Friday morning that Patriots' Super Bowl-winning QB Tom Brady could become a limited partner of the Las Vegas Raiders. Was this on your 2023 bingo card? It was not on mine.

This is interesting news, to say the least, on news reported by Seth Wickersham and Adam Schefter.

So, Tom Brady is now set to become a part-time owner, it seems, if this deal goes through. Brady retired for good at the end of the 2022 season and is, at this point, set to join Fox Sports in 2024 as a sports broadcaster.

Now, he seems to be venturing back into the NFL, but not with the Patriots or the Buccaneers. This is actually the second time Brady and Raiders' owner Mark Davis have worked together in this capacity:

"The move would be the second time that Brady and Raiders owner Mark Davis entered into a deal regarding ownership of a franchise. Back in March it was announced the Brady had purchased a stake in the Las Vegas Aces, the WNBA franchise. Davis is the majority owner of the team."

Mark Schofield

Brady and Davis seem to be forming a nice partnership together, and now the NFL seems to be their next step. Depending on how you look at this, this can be seem as a very petty move by Brady. Well, guess who is currently on the Raiders? Both Josh McDaniels and Jimmy Garoppolo.

McDaniels worked with Brady for quite a while and Garoppolo was allegedly supposed to be the heir apparent to Brady before a few more Super Bowl wins changed that. Now with Tom Brady done playing in the NFL and Garoppolo on the Raiders, I guess he found this to be a great opportunity to pounce on.

Could we soon see Tom Brady in the owner's box? Perhaps. The GOAT is obviously trying to keep himself very busy during his retirement, which is only a few months old at this point. We'll see if this deal does indeed go through, but since they've already done this once, I don't see why this would not get done again.