Boomer Esiason shares belief that Bill Belichick and the Patriots ruined Mac Jones

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No matter where you stand on the debate regarding Mac Jones and what contributed to his regression over the last two seasons, one thing is clear: the Patriots have ruined his development and any hope of success in New England.

That doesn't mean the quarterback hasn't made inexcusable mistakes or has nothing needing to be improved, but the type of player he was in his first season in the league to who he is in 2023 looks like complete opposites. He's unrecognizable, even if you never thought he was the right fit for the team.

Many factors have impacted his growth as a quarterback in the NFL, which all seem to stem back to Josh McDaniels' exit after the 2021 season. A domino effect of lousy personnel additions, costly coaching departures, lack of confidence from those working closely with Jones, and improper roster building, especially on offense, have all brought us to this point, and those are just the external factors that have hurt Jones' development.

Despite those who want to ignore all that led him to his fall from what looked like the Patriots next franchise quarterback to being benched four times this season, some in the media are finally taking notice of what is going on in Foxboro, with Boomer Esiason voicing his feelings loud and clear during a Monday appearance on WEEI's "The Greg Hill Show."

The former quarterback and longtime analyst has had plenty of harsh takes about Jones in recent months, but after watching his latest performance against the Giants in Week 12, it appears he has changed his tune.

"The amazing thing, to me, is that two years ago I voted him as Rookie of the Year over Ja'Marr Chase. I thought he had a tremendous rookie season and he got the team to the playoffs.

Watching what has happened to him over the last two years is virtually unexplainable to me."

It is a mystery of the ages that many have already said should be studied for years to come. Jones had all the potential in the world when he was drafted 15th overall in 2021, as he was coming off a National Championship-winning season with Alabama and was touted to go much higher to another quarterback-needy team.

The Patriots lucked out by having him fall into their lap, but the dream pairing only had a happy first chapter and has since become a nightmare to watch.

It's easy to assume all that has caused Jones' regression from just watching the games and reading what reporters say about practices and whatnot. You can even take rumors into account to have just a smidge of truth to them to explain some things we may not see.

But other than what is seen on the field or speculated about, how a quarterback with so much promise has fallen flat on his face in a matter of two seasons is baffling, especially when he was paired with who most have deemed the best head coach of all time.

That's why some, including Esiason, believe Jones needs to be traded or signed elsewhere to have a proper chance of getting back to the player he should be three years into his career.

"He needs a new place. He has to try to start over somewhere, as far away from the Patriots as he possibly can.

It's really unfortunate. It's a hard thing to watch. It's a hard thing to watch a young man go through. He's living out his dream, but his dream has turned into the ultimate nightmare."

"He's living out his dream, but his dream has turned into the ultimate nightmare."

Putting it into those words, it's difficult to imagine why anyone would not feel bad for a quarterback so early in their career and dealing with the situation that Jones is in. He's not innocent, by any means, regarding all that has gotten him to this point in his career, but you cannot underestimate the importance of proper coaching, roster building, and confidence within and from those you're working with.

Maybe you believe this proves Jones was never the quarterback people thought he was, or he has a weak mindset if he allows outside noise or whatever else to affect him in this way. However, disregarding any and all factors that would negatively impact any young quarterback in his situation is unfair, regardless of whether they are the next franchise quarterback or not.

Esiason is probably right, though, that Jones needs a new environment, even more so if Belichick will remain the head coach in New England beyond this season. Getting a fresh start with a new team and coaching staff may work wonders for him, and he could blossom into the type of quarterback he was believed to become.

It will be interesting to see if more analysts join him in his assessment of Jones and what the Patriots end up doing with their quarterbacks the rest of the season into 2024. It will surely be the most discussed and watched part of the offseason, other than Belichick's potential departure, of course.

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