Bombshell report details a tension-filled quarterback room in New England

Philadelphia Eagles v New England Patriots
Philadelphia Eagles v New England Patriots / Maddie Meyer/GettyImages

When a quarterback is benched for repeated bad performances and ultimately replaced by their backup, it's never shocking to hear there may be tension between them. In the situation surrounding the Patriots, given how Mac Jones' career in New England has gone, it should almost be expected.

It could even be argued that some animosity could have begun last season when Zappe took over for Jones after he suffered an ankle sprain and kept the team afloat in his absence. The fans clung to the rookie quarterback and even touted themselves as suffering from "Zappe Fever" and booing Jones whenever he took the field.

Fast forward to this season, and Jones' apparent regression continued. After being taken out of four games due to costly decision-making and a racking up of turnovers, Jones was benched and replaced by Zappe for the rest of the season.

Although all reports have indicated the two signal callers have a good relationship, a new report from the Boston Herald suggests that's not the case. Andrew Callahan and Doug Kyed reveal a behind-the-scenes account of how Jones and Zappe have been working together over the past several weeks, claiming they don't speak often nor prepare for games together, which some believe has hindered them overall.

"Jones and Zappe, whom teammates say are cordial to one another, hardly talk. Instead of rallying to support the starter each week, they are often siloed in their own preparation. Several members of the organization believe they would have benefitted from a veteran backup with experience in more cooperative rooms who could direct them and tie the room together."

The suggestion that they don't rally for each other is catching most off guard since it was just last week that Jones ran all the way to the end zone to celebrate a touchdown run in by Zappe. That seems to indicate there is a closer friendship than just simply being co-workers.

However, there may be some truth to the rumor, as it's not unimaginable for Jones not to be thrilled watching another player take over his spot on the team. Yet, at the same time, none of his teammates have ever suggested Jones is unsupportive and have said the contrary, making this feel a little less believable.

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