Bold predictions for Patriots vs. Chiefs Week 15: A shock for Taylor Swift

  • Attempting to limit Patrick Mahomes
  • An efficient Zappe
  • Who wins?

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What happens between the Patriots and Chiefs in Week 15?

Without a doubt, Taylor Swift will have her chance to cheer in Week 15. (I am just going to go ahead and assume she will be at the game; maybe that should be one of my bold predictions.) Travis Kelce will not be shut out, and he will make some splash plays. Kelce is no longer as speedy as he once was, but he is a smart player who will find holes in the Patriots' defense.

But Swift will also have her moments of being dejected. New England will run the ball with Ezekiel Elliott quite a bit and try to make the clock New England's friend. The Chiefs are just 26th in the league in yards allowed per rush (4.6), so while New England's offensive line isn't great, Elliott should be a wily enough veteran to pick and choose his moments against Kansas City.

This game won't be about being explosive for New England but limiting explosiveness on both sides of the ball. Sure, an 80-yard touchdown pass or run would be great, but better would be 10-play drives that result in some points either way for the Patriots. And making the Chiefs earn every yard is critical.

The Patriots are 3-10 and looking ahead to the offseason and the 2024 NFL Draft. Kansas City is fighting for the postseason and is really angry after what happened at the end of the Buffalo Bills game in Week 14 when Mahomes blew a fuse after an offsides penalty was called that ended any chance of the Chiefs winning. But I think in front of Taylor Swift, the Patriots pull off a minor miracle, and Zappe gets his second win in a row, 13-10.

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