Bill Belichick could make the ultimate traitor move as last dig to the Patriots

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After Robert Kraft's shocking decision to move on from Bill Belichick after 24 years, it was almost as incomprehensible that no other team in the league decided to hire the eight-time Super Bowl Champion as their next head coach.

That then began the speculation about where he might end up for the 2025 season since he has made it very clear he intends to continue his coaching career somewhere outside New England, with a few teams rising to the top of the list as potential suitors.

The team that has received the most chatter is the Dallas Cowboys, as Mike McCarthy is entering the 2024 season on the final year of his contract with a lot of pressure to lead the team to a deep playoff run or a Super Bowl win. Because he hasn't been too successful in doing that in the years since Jerry Jones hired him, all signs point to McCarthy being ousted by season's end.

Although the Cowboys owner hasn't explicitly said that, he has hinted at his desire to work with Belichick in the future. That might come to fruition if all the dominoes fall, the same as what is to be said about another team rumored to be interested in Belichick's services next year: the Philadelphia Eagles.

Joining either of those teams would keep him out of direct competition with the Patriots, which is a great sign for the rebuilding franchise. However, a new team is being thrown into the mix, proving even further that things are not smoothed over between Belichick and Kraft.

Bill Belichick could make the ultimate traitor move as last dig to the Patriots

It's difficult to say what Belichick's options might be next offseason, given the 2024 season is yet to be played. Yet there are plenty of head coaches who will be under immense pressure to deliver this fall, and if they don't, will presumably be on the hot seat if not outright fired.

Boomer Esiason, former NFL quarterback, and current NFL analyst, hinted at Belichick seeking the ultimate revenge on the Patriots by suggesting the New York Jets could look to hire him if their season is not successfully led to winning by Aaron Rodgers.

He spoke about the possibility on a recent episode of the "Boomer & Gio Show," which is more interesting given his ties to the Jets and their owner Woody Johnson.

"That’s gotta be a little dig at Robert Kraft and the Patriots, right? But if there’s only one team that goes after him, because Woody Johnson is sick and tired of losing. And that’s only if they lose this year, of course."

Belichick was the Jets head coach once before, for an infamous short amount of time, so going back would be an unexpected move. However, he's spoken highly of Rodgers over the years and it was alleged he tried to trade for the quarterback when the Packers were looking for a trade partner in 2023.

Could Rodgers' presence be enough for Belichick to seriously consider moving to New York?

According to Esiason, there might be more to it than just the enticing quarterback.

"He believes in a heavy dose of revenge, I’m sure…if it were the Jets."

It would be a very telling decision for Belichick to accept the position on a team that plays the Patriots twice a year. It would essentially confirm a deeper rift between the longtime pair, who have attempted to sell fans that the split was a "mutual parting of ways."

This makes next offseason even more intriguing for Patriots fans to watch.

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