Bill Belichick: If legendary coach gets fired, where could he end up in 2024?

Will Bill Belichick be coaching the New England Patriots in 2024?
New England Patriots v Miami Dolphins
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Should I even mention this last team that just fired a Belichick disciple?

Could. You. Imagine???? The Las Vegas Raiders just fired Josh McDaniels, Dave Ziegler, and Mick Lombardi. This is just another example of the "Patriot Way" and a former Belichick assistant not working out on their own as a HC in the NFL. Well, since the Raiders tried and failed to install their own version of the Patriots, why not bring in the architect of the Pats himself?

Tom Brady is also over there as a minority owner, and Brady and Belichick seem to have a solid relationship. I bet if Bill Belichick were to be a free agent himself, Brady would advocate for BB to the owner of the team, Mark Davis. Man, this would be a huge move and a pretty crazy one at that . The Raiders have not had two-straight winning seasons since the 2001 and 2002 seasons.

I bet Bill Belichick could even convince Mark Davis to give him GM powers as well. The last several administrations for the Raiders have simply not worked out, so perhaps trying something different could yield better results. If nothing else, Vegas would field a decent defense, something they haven't consistently had for years.