Bill Belichick goes full dad mode in unexpected place after Patriots exit

Belichick was never as gruff as people might have thought when he was with the Patriots.
Maddie Meyer/GettyImages

We all know the Bill Belichick persona, right? The former New England Patriots coach was terse and tight-lipped and seemed annoyed at questions posed by reporters. He wasn't running a football team in order to be in public relations. His job was to win football games and all of the nonsense seemed to just get in the way.

Of course, most NFL fans only get to know coaches and players by watching them play a game and then answer queries about the game. Should we really judge people based on how they answer questions about their jobs? Would we want to be perceived the same way when we have to tell people about how our day at the office was? Likely, no.

Plus, while Belichick might no longer be with the Patriots that does not mean that New England fans will not always have some kind of fondness for the coach. He was too successful and too much a part of the culture to dismiss so quickly. Of course, had he taken a job with another NFL team, Pats fans would want to squash Belichick's new team, but they would be no offense to Bill; we simply just need New England to win, darn it!

Former Patriots coach Bill Belichick did the most important thing

But Belichick did not take another NFL job. Instead, he has most recently been seen doing what nearly half the population does and we are lucky to do it! That is, Belichick was simply being a dad and supporting his son, Steve, at Steve's new job. He is the defensive coordinator for the University of Washington football team and Bill was at Huskies practice this past weekend to watch.

But Belichick didn't just put on his dad-face. He likely went down to the Ave. and bought some Huskies gear at the university bookstore because he was seen walking through practice dressed to the hilt as if he was a lifelong Huskies fan (and who knows?; maybe he secretly is). Or maybe Bill was just there to be a dad to Steve. This is more important than ever being the coach of the Patriots, obviously. Football is fantasy and family is reality.

Bill showing up for Steve also proves that Bill Belichick wasn't just some cyborg who only cared about winning football games. He was mostly great at what he did, of course, but that was only his job. Being a dad and having a family, that's real life.

Of course, the best part of Steve Belichick working for Washington and Bill being his dad might occur during the season if Bill goes to see a game. Pete Carroll's son, Brennan, is the Huskies offensive coordinator. There is a real chance of Bill and Pete standing next to each other in Huskies Stadium both rooting for the same team their sons coach. That would be perfection.

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