Best picks to replace the entire Patriots coaching staff in 2024

Coaching ticket, that is.

Philadelphia Eagles v New England Patriots
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It’ll be interesting to see how Robert Kraft approaches replacing Bill Belichick. Firing him seems like an odd decision in the first place, given it’s less than a year since the team extended his contract, but here we are. 

Rumor has it Jerod Mayo will step right in and take over, but that seems like an odd decision, too. Both scenarios appear to pose more questions than they answer.

The first question is, will Kraft be the one to appoint a new head coach?

The Patriots will need a new GM too if Belichick departs, and finding successful GMs is a tricky business. The truly successful ones already have jobs. Or will Kraft decide he can be the new Jerry Jones and become the GM himself? Kraft usually shies away from the spotlight, though, unlike Jerry, but who knows? 

After 23 years of a head coach with a defensive lean (although Belichick is arguably the most knowledgeable coach in the league regarding both sides of the ball), it seems like a good time to go the other way.  

Dream head coach candidate #1: Bobby Slowik

If the Patriots want to make a big splash, they could follow the Rams' lead and hire a young offensive Wizkid. Bobby Slowik would fit that bill perfectly; he’s been working with CJ Stroud on the “surprising” Texans offense this year, which has only turned the ball over 11 times this season, the fewest turnovers in the league.

Even better than that, they’ve only thrown five interceptions, leading the league in that category as well. 

But that’s a bit of a stretch; it seems unlikely the Patriots will want to have a rookie head coach to go with their rookie quarterback. A few candidates fit the “safe pair of hands” mold, but they wouldn’t inspire the fan base much.

Gary Kubiak and Frank Reich are both old dudes but have also won Super Bowls. And they both know former QBs who you assume Kraft would feel comfortable handing the reins to.