Asante Samuel's recent comments forces Patriots fans to agree with him

Philadelphia Eagles v New England Patriots
Philadelphia Eagles v New England Patriots / Hunter Martin/GettyImages

You know it's a weird week in New England when Asante Samuel posts a video on social media defending the Patriots over recent allegations made by bitter former players.

Considering the amount of vitriol that the retired cornerback has shared regarding his his former team, it was shocking to see Samuel actually defend them after hearing Jerome Bettis and Ben Roethlisberger accuse them of cheating in the 2004 AFC Championship Game.

Over the years, he hasn't been shy about his dislike of Bill Belichick, mainly because he was not re-signed when he hit free agency in 2008 and primarily has shouted from the rooftops that Tom Brady was the leading cause for the start of the Patriots dynasty. But uncharacteristically, he got involved in this lasted rumor to defend the team he won two Super Bowls with, a nice change of pace for the usual bitter four-time Pro Bowler.

It all began when Bettis and Roethlisberger accused the Patriots of cheating on the quarterback's podcast earlier this week, with Bettis detailing the exact moment in the AFCCG when he realized what was going on. Roethlisberger backed him up the entire way, reopening a ridiculous accusation that several people have proven false on multiple occasions.

Those who watched that championship game immediately called out Bettis for his fabrication, as the players and details he spoke about were blatantly false. A few Patriots who were part of the team that year also laughed at the story, like Vince Wilfork, and that's when Samuel decided to put his response in video form instead.

He started it out by addressing Steelers fans to ask what is going on with some of their beloved players, Bettis and Roethlisberger, and scoffed at them accusing the Patriots of cheating 19 years after the game.

"Steeler Nation, what's going on with your legends and Hall of Famers Ben Roethlisberger and Jerome Bettis? Nineteen years later, you guys decide to be sore losers and say we cheated the 2004 AFC Championship. "

He proceeded to repeat some of the events that Bettis alleged tipped him off, like stealing signs and calling a timeout once they figured out what play the Steelers were going to call, which we already know is a complete falsification of what happened in the game.

And then Samuel sets the truth straight to all those in Pittsburgh who may be listening: they lost the AFCCG because the Patriots were flat-out the better team all around.

"This is what determined the outcome of the game. Tom Brady was better than Ben Roethlisberger. Rodney Harrison was better than Troy Polamalu. Corey Dillon was better than Jerome Bettis, and Asante Samuel was better than Deshea Townsend. It was as simple as that. No more to be said. We were better than you in pretty much everywhere in the game."

It's a tough pill for Steelers fans, but it's true.

Besides the moments Bettis claimed to have happened being inaccurate, which outed him as a liar right away, the Patriots were on the run of a lifetime during this period. To act as if they were cheating, and that's why you lost, instead of losing a game by two scores because you were outplayed, is comical, especially when you decide to make the accusation two decades later.

It's just the latest example of former bitter players attempting to taint the Patriots dynasty even more because it's easy to do. And it puts the fans in a weird spot having to agree with Samuel, who has done nothing but trash his former team and coach. But in this instance, he's right.