Adrian Klemm's time with Patriots allegedly over due to heated confrontation

New England Patriots v New York Giants
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When it was clear the Patriots would not be retaining Matt Patricia as the team's offensive coordinator or the offensive line coach, there was excitement about who would be hired in his place. The offense had fallen behind significantly since Josh McDaniels headed west to become the Raiders' head coach, so there was hope that a fresh face would be added to the sideline to help get the team back on track.

That's ultimately not what happened, but most didn't take issue with Bill O'Brien being brought back after his two-year stint with Alabama. The former Texans head coach had been successful during his previous time with New England a decade ago, and many former players had spoken highly of him and his coaching.

Then, when the hiring of Adrian Klemm was released, it was clear the team was taking the need to upgrade their staff seriously, and the young coach and former Patriot seemed like the perfect guy for the job.

Unfortunately, it may be a short-lived pairing.

According to Andrew Callahan and Doug Kyed of the Boston Herald, some staff felt Klemm's fit with the team in 2023 was "questionable," mainly due to his change in coaching style and philosophy since he worked with legendary OL coach Dante Scarnecchia over twenty years ago.

Because of the dysfunction behind the scenes, Klemm couldn't contain his frustrations for long. The Herald claims he got into a heated confrontation with Matt Groh in the early weeks of the season, which may be partly why he won't be back with the team in 2024.

"Outside the front office, a few staffers privately pointed fingers back at decision-makers about the talent available. That is, save for Klemm, who confronted director of player personnel Matt Groh early in the season in a loud exchange that reverberated through the organization. Klemm, according to sources, didn’t feel heard, while some offensive veterans didn’t want to believe their eyes."

Although it's not ideal for any conversation to reach this point, Klemm wasn't wrong to feel like his tenure with the team was not going how he envisioned. The offensive line was neglected in free agency and the draft, leading to Belichick grasping at straws to add depth just days before the start of the season.

It led to one of the worst units in the entire league, which also became a significant issue for Mac Jones and eventually Bailey Zappe, as consistency and protection from the lineman were simply not there. The players have been riddled with injuries, forcing the coaches to have a carousel of replacements and rookies being thrown into games they're probably not ready for.

Klemm was right in his displeasure, and if expressing that is why he won't be back for next season, it's another questionable decision by the team.

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