Aaron Rodgers shares unlikely take on Patriots QB Mac Jones

We may need to accept that Aaron Rodgers had a good take on Mac Jones.
Buffalo Bills v New England Patriots
Buffalo Bills v New England Patriots / Maddie Meyer/GettyImages

It's well known that the NFL is a "What have you done for me lately?" kind of league, and countless fans of every team in the league seem to swear by that mantra. That is especially true about the Patriots fanbase and media, as a significant portion of the most vocal people are too young to remember what football in New England is like when they're not winning Super Bowls every other year.

Although they are known for being fickle, their dissatisfaction regarding the Patriots teams since Tom Brady left has become increasingly more pessimistic. Some of it is certainly warranted, while a majority of it is more attributed to a lack of patience.

But that is not limited to the fans of New England; it also includes those who cover the team on a daily basis.

Outside of the obvious hot takes just trying to bring in the clicks or views, the Boston media has shifted into a cesspool of negativity that isn't particularly fun to keep up with.

From discussing the need for Bill Belichick to be fired from his head coach and/or GM positions to declaring Mac Jones a bust to citing alleged rumors as facts to rile up the fans and the team. It has become an unfun environment for those trying to keep up with what is going on with the team.

The main topic this season that has seemingly taken on a mind of its own has surrounded the performance and future of Jones as the Patriots quarterback. Because this is the second season in a row that he has played poorly, some have proclaimed he is the biggest problem on the offense and the sole reason for the team's lack of success.

It's inarguable at this point that he has struggled this year and has been a major contributing factor in some of the most embarrassing losses this year. However, those who recognized the significant issues contributing to the quarterback's struggles didn't agree with the blame being placed on Jones' shoulders alone. They were proven correct in their Week 7 win over the Bills last Sunday.

After the offensive line has dealt with many injuries, causing at least five different lineups since the season began, the unit provided ample protection for Jones to benefit from, allowing him to have his best game of the season. Not only did it provide him time to properly read the defense and make the right plays, but it also opened up the run game, which has been nearly nonexistent all year.

His performance was categorized as impressive before the game was over, and the game-winning drive that resulted in a Mike Gesicki touchdown put it over the edge, prompting many doubters to quickly alter their stances on Jones for the time being.

It was a moment that proved fans and media can be hard to please and how quickly narratives about a player or team can change in the snap of your fingers.

That's exactly what Aaron Rodgers said during his appearance on The Pat McAfee Show on Tuesday when the quarterback praised Jones for his performance while also finding humor in the sudden change of opinion regarding his season after he got the win.

Even though Patriots fans may not want to hear that kind of statement from a guy like Rodgers, his take is spot-on and very relevant to all that has been said about Jones this season. It took just one game for some of his most vocal doubters to change their tune, proving Rodgers' take even more.

Now, as we know, it was just one game. Jones has struggled in more games than that this season, which makes it a bit difficult to get excited about his latest performance. However, it's fair to acknowledge the win as it was an important and unexpected feat for the Patriots, especially against a team like the Bills. It should be appreciated for that reason.

At the same time, how Jones played should give some optimism for the rest of the season but also shouldn't completely cloud your judgment, forcing you to forget what he has done in the previous six games.

Accept the win and celebrate it. Recognize that the team can put together a good game plan and execute it in the right way to beat some tough opponents. Appreciate Jones's growth on the field last week, and temper your expectations after watching a few more before jumping to conclusions.

That way, we won't give Rodgers another reason to mention New England fans or media again for creating a narrative and then jumping to a different one a week later.