9 receivers Patriots could draft beyond the first round

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9 receivers Patriots could draft beyond the first round

DeVontez Walker - UNC

With Drake Maye as a possible first-round selection, drafting his favorite receiver would certainly make for an easy transition to the NFL.

Regardless of who the eventual starting quarterback will be, DeVontez Walker will bring the speed and explosiveness that any offense would love to have on their roster.

Among the many positives about his game, one aspect that catches the eye regarding his fit with the Patriots is his label of having all the "makings of a game-changing NFL receiver," according to PFF. Because that's exactly what the Patriots need, and most feel you can't get that caliber of player outside of the first round, Walker would be striking gold on day two.

Besides his speed being considered the most noteworthy, Walker is impressively agile for his size at 6'2", which also gives him a great catch radius to make big plays over dominating defenders.

Above all, he could be the best option for the Patriots purely on his potential, which some might question due to the "lack of competitive teams" in his college division.

However, he transferred from Kent State after the 2022 season, which happened to be his most successful, and he proved he could more than hang with the talent of some of the best football programs in the nation. So, it shouldn't be much of a concern whatsoever.

Javon Baker - UCF

Coming off the best season of his college career at UCF, where he recorded 52 receptions for 1,139 yards and seven touchdowns, Javon Baker seems to fit the mold of the new offense being made under the new regime in Foxboro.

Baker showed he could be the ultimate weapon during his final season in 2023, spending time in multiple lineups on the field and succeeding no matter the task.

That is an enticing trait that makes him stand out to a team like the Patriots, who could significantly benefit from that versatility as they determine the offense's identity moving forward.

On top of it all, Baker is impressive with his hands and route-running, both of which have been lacking in New England amongst most of their pass catchers. He could easily fill the role left behind by DeVante Parker as well, which makes the idea of drafting him even more intriguing.