9 receivers Patriots could draft beyond the first round

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9 receivers Patriots could draft beyond the first round

Roman Wilson - Michigan

If Van Pelt wants a solid slot receiver, Michigan's Roman Wilson would be a great choice. He hasn't been nearly as hyped as others on this list, mainly due to his lack of eye-popping stats, but flying under the radar doesn't mean he wouldn't be a worthy selection.

Wilson possesses an explosive style and has the speed to match. One of the most impressive parts of his game has been the continuation of his improvement within an offense, something the Patriots need on the roster after how disappointing the 2023 season was.

His reliability is another selling point that a rookie quarterback will need as he transitions into the NFL next season. Wilson provides that in the slot, recording just one drop during the entire 2023 season while totaling 48 receptions for 789 yards and 12 touchdowns.

Because he's believed to be an even better weapon than what his tape will show, with some scouts feeling he would be projected higher had he attended a different college to provide him more opportunities on game day, the Patriots could potentially get the steal of the draft by taking Wilson on day two.

Ricky Pearsall - Florida

Another pure slot option would be Ricky Pearsall, a dependable target known for making unbelievable catches during his career. He is one of the few players considered to be NFL-ready right out of the gate, which should pique the Patriots' interest as they aim to build a viable offense ready to go on day one.

Besides his flashy catches, Pearsall is a top-of-the-line route runner with the incredible talent of knowing just how to break away from defenders on almost any given play.

He provides his future team versatility within the offense, as he is experienced as an outside option. But he's also a solid contributor on special teams, and he's another part of the Patriots team that is in need of serious improvement.

His 2023 season was his most impressive to date, recording 65 receptions for 963 yards and four touchdowns, spending nearly equal time on the field as a slot and outside option.

Pearsall has many qualities that could bolster the Patriots' offense, even if he's not the flashiest of all players, and could be a better than expected pick on day two or three.