6 players the Patriots should NOT trade before the deadline

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Mac Jones

Contrary to popular belief, one of the players that should not be traded over the next two weeks is Mac Jones.

It's no secret that the quarterback has been struggling this season and, in some cases, has been much of the reason for the Patriots losing some games. However, because there are no other competent quarterbacks on the roster, especially ones that would put the team in a better position, it makes no sense at all to trade Jones in the middle of the season.

If a quarterback who had a bigger upside was waiting in the wings or had shown that he could outperform Jones on the field, perhaps they could explore a trade with a quarterback-needy team. But that's not the case with Malik Cunningham, Will Grier, or Bailey Zappe.

Some have argued that if Belichick and Robert Kraft have mutually decided that Jones isn't the quarterback of the future, then they should trade him now because it is likely when he is the most valuable. Although, to an extent, that makes sense, looking past the options to replace him provides a bleaker outlook for the rest of the season than just keeping Jones in.

Of course, the quarterback's future may ultimately come down to how the coaching staff and Kraft want to see the season end. There have been rumblings that some in the building want to see them tank the rest of the year to receive a better position in the draft. But that's just a rumor, and Belichick has never seemed like that type of coach.

So, if that were to be the end goal, shipping Jones elsewhere in the league seems like the way to ensure that happens. But if there is still some glimmer of hope to add a few more wins (at least) this year, there's no reason to move on from Jones halfway through the season.