6 players the Patriots should NOT trade before the deadline

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Rhamondre Stevenson

Although he doesn't appear on track to repeat his standout performance of last season when he recorded 210 carries for 1,040 yards and five touchdowns just on the ground, Rhamondre Stevenson has been everything the Patriots' offense has needed from a running back.

Since he was drafted in the fourth round of the 2021 draft, Stevenson became a great addition to the backfield, playing alongside RB1 Damien Harris. He earned the starting role in 2022, primarily due to his bully ball style of play but also because of his massive improvement in the passing game.

His versatility set him apart from Harris, who had always struggled to be successful in that area, and since Belichick loves a running back who can be a dual threat, Stevenson's stock rose in the offense, and he was utilized far more than his rookie season.

His impressive performance that year propelled him to stardom, becoming one of the best running backs in the league, and created a lot of excitement for his third season this year.

Stevenson's rise kicked Harris to the curb in free agency earlier this year, and although three-time Pro Bowler Ezekiel Elliott was signed to the team in August, he was still listed as the starting back on the team and has played that way through six games so far.

Because he's already become such a vital part of the offense, it would be foolish for the Patriots to even think of trading him this year. Not only is he still expected to improve and develop into an even better player, but he's still on a rookie contract, and not costing the team much to keep him. He's a homegrown talent who has a lot left to offer and should remain in New England for as long as possible.