6 players the Patriots should build their roster around for 2024 and beyond

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6 players the Patriots should build their roster around for 2024 and beyond

Rhamondre Stevenson

Although he has just one year left on his rookie contract, and teams don't like to pay running backs in the NFL, Rhamondre Stevenson has proved time and time again why he should be the future of the backfield for the Patriots.

His performance since his rookie season almost immediately made him become the starter over Damien Harris, who had held that role the year before.

Stevenson's determination to fit the mold of the well-rounded running back Bill Belichick loved made him focus on improving his skills in the passing game. This allowed him to be utilized more within the offense in his second year, recording 69 receptions for 421 yards and a touchdown.

Since then and in the wake of Harris' departure, he has continued as the RB1, and the team has struggled to find an adequate backup to play alongside him. The Ezekiel Elliott experiment in 2023 wasn't necessarily bad, per se, but Stevenson proved to be the best in the team's backfield and is expected to remain in that position this fall.

Hopefully, he will further prove why the Patriots need to keep him around long-term. Some argue it's easy to find good running backs in the draft, and that's a fair assumption. But it's not always easy to find a player like Stevenson.

He's earned a longer stay in Foxboro and could continue being the face of the backfield for a long time if given the opportunity.