6 of the most desirable offensive free agents for the Patriots to sign in 2024

The 2024 free agency class is filled with wide receivers and running backs galore, all for the Patriots to (hopefully) choose from and spend the money needed to get the game-changing weapons they need.
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Derrick Henry

Can you really pass on the opportunity to sign a guy like Derrick Henry when given the chance? It seems like the answer to that would be a universal no.

Because of his position, many won't want the Patriots to sign him despite his obvious explosive playstyle and game-changing production. But given his age, it's possible the Patriots could get him for far cheaper than had he become available earlier in his career.

Henry is an absolute workhorse and has become the main event of the Titan's offense over the years, particularly in recent seasons. The three-time Pro Bowler has led the league in carries three times in the last four years, and in two of those, he also led in yards and touchdowns.

He doesn't appear to have slowed down as he's gotten older and is expected to continue his reign as the top offensive performer for Tennessee. It is assumed he will pick up where he left off last season, where he recorded the second-most carries and total yards in a season of his career.

Now that the Titans are entering a season with some question marks surrounding their offense, mainly at quarterback and receiver outside of DeAndre Hopkins, it seems foolish to believe they'd actually let Henry sign elsewhere when free agency begins, right?

Maybe, but rumors were floating around at the time of the combine that higher-ups were interested in potentially dealing Henry in free agency; it seems more certain that he will be exploring free agency for the first time next year.

If that's the case, the Patriots should at least inquire. Imagining a backfield of him and Stevenson is the dominant running back duo any team would dream of having, even if Henry comes in on a one-year rental.