6 of the most desirable offensive free agents for the Patriots to sign in 2024

The 2024 free agency class is filled with wide receivers and running backs galore, all for the Patriots to (hopefully) choose from and spend the money needed to get the game-changing weapons they need.
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Tee Higgins

This is the most obvious answer of them all, given the calls for Belichick to make the trade for Tee Higgins earlier this year. If youth, production, and longevity are what the Patriots will be looking for in their next top receiver, there's no reason to look any further than him next year.

Despite the consensus believing the Bengals will probably not going to let Higgins walk in free agency, with most assuming they'll at least try to franchise tag him, they're going to be hard-pressed to find a way to pay him, Ja'Marr Chase, Joe Burrow, and others over the next few years, even with a steadily increasing salary cap.

That opens the door to pounce on Higgins when he becomes a free agent.

Unlike possible concerns with Evans' age, Higgins is 24 and entering just his fourth season in the league. In that time, he's already become a proven talent on the Bengals, even as the less prioritized option for Burrow since Chase took on that role when he was drafted a year later.

Adding a player like Higgins onto the offense would ensure Mac Jones has a player he could grow in the league with. Next year, both will have barely hit their strides in the NFL and could develop a rhythm and chemistry that would suit the team for years to come.

There is some debate regarding his status of being a true WR1, but he's still one of the best receivers in the game and will only get better with more experience. Plus, the Patriots will be equipped with the money to pay a top talent like Higgins, which is not something Belichick has been keen to do throughout his career. But maybe (hopefully) next year will finally be the right time for him to change that mindset.