6 of the most desirable offensive free agents for the Patriots to sign in 2024

The 2024 free agency class is filled with wide receivers and running backs galore, all for the Patriots to (hopefully) choose from and spend the money needed to get the game-changing weapons they need.
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Josh Jacobs

This may be a bit of a controversial choice since most don't believe in the idea of paying running backs. But Josh Jacobs becoming a free agent is incredibly enticing when considering his fit with the Patriots.

As the team currently stands, only Rhamondre Stevenson remains as a top back with the potential of an extension or re-sign when his rookie contract is up in 2025. He's taken on a more dominant role out of the backfield over the last two seasons and is primed to be the RB1 as long as he is on the team.

But Belichick has made it apparent that he wants to add another talented RB to the roster over the last several weeks to help lessen the load for Stevenson to carry on his own.

That could be where Jacobs comes in next year.

Jacobs could be the right guy for the job if the Patriots are willing to spend on a running back. He's the same age as Stevenson and nearly the same size, so there's no concern there, and he is an established dual-threat player, much like how Stevenson has developed since joining the Patriots.

Pairing the two together on the offense would be what dreams are made of. They would provide so many opportunities to mix up the playbook and confuse opponents that it's almost too good to be true.

The only problem Belichick will face is: 1. Jacobs will demand a hefty contract, and the head coach will have to decide if the running back is worth it, and 2. It will force him to decide on Stevenson's future much earlier than anticipated because it's unlikely they will pay both backs big money.