6 most iconic Bill Belichick moments as the head coach of the New England Patriots

Dallas Cowboys v New England Patriots
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Jawing with Adam Thielen

Things can get tense during a game for any team, especially when the referees make a questionable decision. Although Belichick isn't shy about expressing his frustration on the sideline overall, this was an uncharacteristic moment for the head coach to be vocal with an opposing player mid-game.

The Patriots were winning the week 13 game in 2018 against the Minnesota Vikings, but when the referees decided that the opponents were not stopped short on their fourth and inches play, despite the presumably clear evidence that they were, Belichick reached for his challenge flag right away.

And apparently, Vikings' receiver Adam Thielen took exception to that.

Somehow, he got to the Patriots' sideline and started mouthing off to Belichick specifically. The two exchanged words, with New England defenders coming in to keep Theilen at bay, adding even more weirdness to an odd situation.

It's certainly a memorable moment that many fans still mention five years later, and to some, it's made Thielen an enemy of New England for the rest of time.